Sport and Art are both uninhibited, passionate expressions of the human spirit.  B78 Art In Motion is where sport and art collide, bringing awesome works of art to life in our unique, colourful and artistically inspired clothing line.  Real stories told by brush strokes, then breathed to life on the human canvas.


Wolf Sheep Gallery

2016 Collection


The Wolf Sheep Gallery is located in Victoria BC. Erik Van Kobra is the artistic genius behind much of the artwork. 

The Woodpile Collective

2017 Collection


Our 2017 Collection is called DEDICATION, in a nod to the heart and soul that athletes and artists pour into what they do.  The artist is The Woodpile Collective.

Victoria Shannon Studios

Coming Soon

Victoria Shannon's work can be seen all over Vancouver Island. Nine to five office worker by day, edgy graffiti artist by night.