Wood Pile Collective- 2017 Collection

Since the spring of 2003, the Woodpile’s collaborative artistic story has been consistent and prolific. Sifting influence from the traditional and contemporary arts, abstraction and decomposition, island environment and urban conflict, The Woodpile create works that are inconceivable yet strangely familiar.

The process of their collaboration is free-flowing and always open to one another’s re-interpretations. As they step up to the canvas they paint as one. Six hands and three minds processing one another’s marks and working in the moment, the painting unfolds like a conversation between friends. This process is rooted at the core of the Woodpile and all it’s creative endeavours.

Three artists. One creative collaboration.

 Founding members – Shawn O’Keefe, Blythe Hailey and Sean McLaughlin reside in Victoria, BC.  info@woodpile.ca



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